We understand that moving from one place to another is a tedious and tiresome process. We also know that packing and unpacking every single item you possess can affect your routine and further burden you. However, you can entrust us with this service instead. Efficient Glendale Movers not only has years of experience moving items, we can also pack and unpack your items for you. Our packing crew is extremely experienced and can quickly pack your belongings without compromising their safety. You are welcome to provide us with a set of instructions or supervise our crew while they pack.

Not only are we experienced in residential moves, we have also tackled industrial moves countless times. If you want to move your industry, no matter how big or small, we assure you we can handle it. From furniture to heavy machinery and all the way to volatile substances, we can pack every single asset with absolute care. We are also experienced in moving offices, medical facilities and hotels. When dealing with corporate clients, we go the extra mile and make sure all their data and information are safe and secure throughout the move.

Efficient Glendale Movers can handle moving live animals as well. During the move, livestock or pets will be provided with a safe environment. Our moving crew has specialists who deal with animals, ensuring that they are loaded with special care and then unloaded in the same manner.

Our Packing and Unpacking Services
We have perfect the art of packing and unpacking safely since the inception of our establishment. However, we understand that clients have different demands when it comes to packing their belongings or assets, which is why we offer the following packages.

Full Packing Service
If you choose the full packing service, all you need to worry about is relocating yourself. We will pack every single thing you have in the safest way possible. We will pack your items methodically, which means fragile items will be packed with extra safety in mind. Moreover, we rely on a good system for tagging and labelling our boxes so that we know how to treat each box and determine where to unload and unpack them once the move is complete.
Industrial packing is a bit different. There are several laws in place to deal with industrial grade equipment. However, you do not have to worry about these. As the experts, we know how to abide by regulations while packing. If you have more queries about this service, give us a call.

Partial Packing Service
Many customers prefer to pack their belongings themselves because they have valuable or private items they would rather not have the movers see. In this case, we recommend partial packaging. Before moving you, we can discuss which items you yourself would like to pack and what items you want us to handle. If you want any advice in packing your personal items yourself, we are more than happy to give you our two cents.

Full Unpacking Service
Just like our full packing service, we will unpack every single box there is after unloading our moving vehicles. You can instruct us to put your things in different rooms. On the other hand, we can also follow our own labelling system, placing items in your new rooms according to a pre-set plan.

Partial Unpacking Service
You can tell us which items to unpack and which items you would like to unpack yourself. This can be communicated to us during the packing process so that we can avoid mistakes that affect your satisfaction with our services.

Items We Pack
There is simply nothing that we cannot pack securely and prevent its damage during the transit or loading/unloading process. Here are few items we can pack efficiently to give you an idea of our expertise:

➢ Antique Artifacts
➢ Artwork
➢ Computers and Similar Hardware
➢ Furniture
➢ Automobiles
➢ Boats
➢ Expensive Medical Machinery
➢ Kitchen Appliances
➢ Livestock (safe and comfortable environment for travel)
➢ Musical Instruments

Packing Materials
Efficient Glendale Movers has the appropriate tools and materials which you can use to pack your items professionally. If you want to do it yourself, you can ask us for the materials and we will add it to your final bill. We pay close attention to the packing process and that is why our boxes never sustain any damage.
Here are a few of the several packing materials we offer:

➢ Paper Pads
➢ Bubble Wrap
➢ Plastic Wrap
➢ Corner Blocks
➢ Packing Tape
➢ Peanuts
➢ End Caps
➢ Boxes - All Sizes

Want to know more? Call us at (818) 945-9099. We promise to answer any and all questions you have about our packing services.