Commercial Moves

Commercial moves are particularly very challenging. A great deal of care is required while moving various industrial level equipment and machinery. The packing and unpacking of these industrial equipment is equally tricky as industrial grade equipment and machinery require meticulous dismantling and assembling.

Efficient Glendale Movers aims to exceed your expectation by ensuring spectacular care throughout the move. From the minute our moving crew starts packing the items present in your commercial establishment, you will see yourself why we are known for providing great value and great moving services in Los Angeles County.

Why Go for Commercial Moving Services
A commercial move service may be a necessity for:
➢ Companies that decided to merge their operations
➢ Industrial facilities that need to move a consignment to a storage unit
➢ Industrialists who decided to downgrade to smaller areas or expand to a larger establishment
Regardless of why you need our commercial moving services, Efficient Glendale Movers is up for the challenge. We will make your relocation as easy and comfortable as possible.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Moves
Over the years, we have provided our commercial moving services to the following types of clients.

We realize that industrial moves can demand detailed planning and great attention to detail. Efficient Glendale Movers has the experience to effectively tackles these aspects. We will move your industrial equipment and machinery according to business standards and your industry’s regulations. Even if you deal with hazardous material, we can handle it as we understand and follow EPA and OSHA regulations while packing/unpacking and transporting them.

Efficient Glendale Movers has the experience to easily handle farm moves and avoid its challenges. We have moved tractors, machines, wooden tools and livestock. If you are particularly worried about the wellbeing of your animals, rest assured that we will always protect them while moving your farm and ensure their comfort regardless of whether you opt for local or long distance moves.

Whether you have a small one-room office or an entire building, Efficient Glendale Movers can move it all with great speed and care. We will make sure that your furniture, computers, servers and other electronics are packed and moved without any harm. Data and files in your computers and file cabinets will also be protected to prevent unauthorized access to your valuable assets.

We are ready to take on the challenge of moving your warehouse, regardless of whether it is filled with fragile items or the toughest merchandise. Our crew will do whatever is necessary to care for your products from the minute they are packed until they reach their new destination.

We have moved entire hotels in the past, which is why we understand how enormous and tedious this process can become. Efficient Glendale Movers has the experience to carefully handle your expensive and fragile decorative material, the plethora of furniture in rooms and beyond, as well as the electronics. We promise that your trust in our ability will not be in vain.

Medical Establishments
We have been entrusted with moving medical establishments, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research facilities, medical practices and clinics. Usually, the most difficult part of the move is relocating the expensive and fragile equipment of these establishments. However, our experienced moving crew will take every measure necessary to ensure minimal to no damage throughout the move.

The Cost of Commercial Moves
As each client’s needs are unique, it is almost impossible to have a fixed price for our services. Therefore, we estimate the cost of our services according to the following factors:

★ Fragility of items
★ Total quantity of the items
★ Distance between the two sites
★ Special moving and handling regulations
★ Weight of the items
★ Services delivered

You do not have to worry about the prices because we offer competitive prices and encourage our clients to negotiate prices until we reach a quote that is feasible for both sides.

Process of Commercial Moves
After finalizing the cost of the service and getting a green signal from you, the move will begin. Our people will come to your site and create a checklist of everything that is to be moved and hand over a work plan. On the moving day, our crew will come to pack, load, move, unload and unpack your assets or belongings. However, we may come to pack earlier if there are a lot of items to transport.

Efficient Glendale Movers encourages clients to be present throughout a commercial move. Although a dedicated representative will be assigned to your move, we still believe that you or your representative should be present on both sites for transparency purposes and quick decision making.

Call us today at (818) 945-9099 and have your commercial establishment moved comfortably. Efficient Glendale Movers promises nothing less than a very professional and incident-less move.