Long Distance Moves

It is extremely difficult to move your residence or your commercial establishment across a distance beyond 20 miles. In addition to specific packing requirements, the fatigue you will experience during such moves is bound to take its toll on you. Therefore, spare yourself the hassle and entrust us with moving your home, office, industry or store regardless of distance.

Why Opt for Long Distance Moves

In all our years of service, we have been given all sorts of reasons why a client wants to move long distance. Individuals state that they got better job offers elsewhere, chose to live closer to loved ones, or decided to restart their lives in a different city or state altogether. On the other hand, business owners and industrialists choose this option because they may need a smaller or larger space to operate from, greener pastures where resources are plenty, or a new place to start at.

Regardless of reason, we are happy to relocate you anywhere beyond 20 miles and help you overcome any challenges. We never shy from any move regardless of how complex. Therefore, trust us to deliver the best, cost-effective service for you.

Cost of Long Distance Move
While it is true that long distance moves are costlier than local moves, we believe that our prices are very affordable and cost-effective. Efficient Glendale Movers always wins over clients when quotes are compared. Since we do not have a fixed price for our services, we use the following to determine the prices we quote to you.

➢ Fragility of the item being moved
➢ Quantity of the item being moved
➢ Services acquired
➢ Special handling for unconventional items
➢ Assembling and Disassembling charges (Mostly done in commercial moves)

Process of Long Distance Move
The estimation process alone takes a bit of a time as we discuss every aspect of the move and services required thoroughly. Once the negotiations are complete, we will wait for you to confirm your move and set a date. Rest assured that we will always get you a price that you will like.

A checklist, few documents and a timeline will be given to you and you can then discuss it with your family if you need a residential long distance move, or your partners if it a commercial or corporate long distance move. While you do have the option to do all the packing yourself, you can opt for partial packaging so that you can pack some of your things privately.

After the packing issue is resolved, the items in question will be moved on the moving day. Everything will be loaded in our extra-padded trucks and then sent on the long journey. If the distance is a bit too much and the truck and the moving crew need some rest, we have safe storage units all over the country which are completely insured. Moreover, the trucks are absolutely traceable, which means you can track them down anytime you want.
So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (818) 945-9099 and book our Long Distance Move today. Give us a chance to show you that we are the best at what we do.