Office Moves

Office moves are one of the most in-demand moves in the city, especially as businesses are growing and being bought all the time. Efficient Glendale Movers has gained a lot of experience dealing with clients who want their office moved. We offer a variety of services and make the extremely tedious process of moving an entire office practically a walk in the park. It does not matter whether your office is a small room or an entire building, we can take on any size of move without compromising on quality one least bit.

Our moving crew is experienced at moving any furniture, computer, filing cabinets, books, servers and other electronics. We not only pack and move your items professionally; we also place them as per your plan at your new location so that you do not miss a day’s work. Rest assured that you will get your money’s worth and even more because we do not overcharge.

Why Go for Office Moving Services
We understand that there are various reasons why an office move might be necessary. Over the years, the following are the main reasons our clients gave us to justify their move from their current location.

Mergers mandate that companies relocate, especially if they decide to move to a larger space to accommodate both companies’ staff. Regardless of whether you need to move closer to your new business partner or together with them at a new location, Efficient Glendale Movers will make sure that your move is stress-free so that you can concentrate on the future of your businesses.

New Branch
If your business is doing well, you may consider expanding your operations by opening a new branch. While this is an easy decision, what comes after is not. There is a lot that needs to be done so that you can start profiting from your new branch from the very first day. Of the tasks you have on your plate, you definitely do not need to burden yourself with the troubles of moving. Efficient Glendale Movers is ready to bring in all your new furniture and other items so that there is no delay in the launch. We will even place everything for a fee, reducing the hassle that comes after a move.

If your business is expanding, it is time that you move into a bigger office. Efficient Glendale Movers will make sure that your furniture, office equipment, and other items are moved in as quickly as possible so that you can start using the new office. We are here to pack, move and deliver all of your items in the exact same condition, unscratched and undamaged.

If your current operations are not as profitable as they used to be, you may need to consider downsizing to save as much of your capital as possible. We can help you move comfortably into a smaller office until your business recovers, and that too without charging you a hefty price. With Efficient Glendale Movers by your side, all you need to focus on is how you can quickly get back on your feet and re-start your operations as usual.

We are available to move any kind of office regardless of niche. The size of your office is also not a problem for us as we have substantial experience, crew and trucks to deal with all office move challenges. We also specialize in handling all types of office equipment and furniture, including:

➢ Laptops,
➢ Computers
➢ Printers
➢ Servers
➢ Other devices
➢ Electrical Appliances
➢ Furniture
➢ Books
➢ Records
➢ Filing cabinets
➢ Artwork
➢ Decorative Items
➢ Plants

Cost of Office Moves
We bill each client differently as we believe that each one’s needs are unique. To determine the price we quote to you, we take into consideration the following factors:

➢ Fragility of the items
➢ Quantity of the item\items
➢ Weight of the item
➢ Distance between the two locations
➢ Services that we are providing
➢ Special handling due to regulations

Efficient Glendale Movers provides excellent services in market competitive prices. In fact, we take pride in putting our clients first, which is why we offer to negotiate our prices until both parties agree on a feasible cost.

The Process of Office Moves
After you approve the quote our representative offers, we will begin the process and a representative will get in touch with you. A checklist, time-schedule and few documents will be given to you to sign. These will be based on our discussions and our understanding of your requirements.

If you want to make moving less of a hassle, we recommend that you get our complete packing services so that we can make sure that everything is neatly and safely packed. On the day of the move, everything packed will be loaded on our padded trucks and safely taken to your new office location. Once all boxes and items are unloaded, we will unpack your things and place them according to your instructions for a fee. However, we would prefer if you or a representative chosen by you is there at both sites so as to supervise the move and provide any last minute instructions.

Call us today at (818) 945-9099 and book our office moving services. Trust Efficient Glendale Movers to give you a stress-free, top quality moving service that you will never forget.