Moving Services

Efficient Glendale Movers is a unique moving company as it is a one-stop moving solution. Our estimators are well-informed about the moving industry and that is why our quotes are unprecedented. We also follow a very carefully planned schedule, which means that your moving will be done within the projected time. These, along with the following services, make us the first choice of residents, industrialists, business owners, and retail store owners in Glendale and even the state.

Our Moving Services

Whether you need to relocate a residence, an industry, a retail shop, an office or any other place, we are proud to say that our moving crew can handle it all. Our crew is extremely skilled and very experienced, which is why Efficient Glendale Movers has made such a big name for itself. Not only do we exceed our client’s expectations, we adhere to standards such as EPA and OSHA regulations.

● Commercial Moves
Commercial establishments can be industries, hotels, medical facilities, farms, retail shops or entire shopping malls. If your business belongs to this group and you need to relocate it, this is the service for you. Efficient Glendale Movers has decades of experience dealing with commercial moves, ensuring that they go smoothly without an incident.

● Residential Moves
From experience, we know that residential moves can bring great stress and a lot of work. As this can affect working families, Efficient Glendale Movers goes beyond simply moving you and works around your schedule. We have two categories when it comes to residential moves:

● Local and Long Distance Moves
If the distance between your current location and the one you are moving to is less than 20 miles, your relocation will be considered a local move. We offer packing and unpacking services as well to ensure that your move is quick and reduce the chances of damage and leaving things behind.

If the distance between the place you are moving to and your current location is more than 20 miles, we categorize that move as a long distance move. You can opt for our extra-safe packaging services and enjoy the security our excellent drivers and padded trucks offer your belongings.

● Office Moves
If you want to relocate your office, be it a single suite or an entire building, Efficient Glendale Movers is the right choice to hire. We have years of experience in dealing with office moves, so we know all the challenges pertaining to it. From office equipment to expensive antiques and all the way to furniture, we promise to move everything you own without a single scratch on them. We also transfer your servers and file cabinets with extra care because we believe a company’s data pool is its biggest asset.

● Retail Moves
We have had the pleasure of moving several retail shops since we opened for business, which is why we understand how sensitive these moves can be. The client cannot sell a product if it has been damaged. The decoration of the shop is also a huge investment which can be at the risk of breaking since it is quite fragile. Luckily, Efficient Glendale Movers has the skill and equipment to move every single item in your retail establishment with extra care.

Packing & Unpacking Services
Efficient Glendale Movers can pack anything, be it home furniture or industrial grade machinery. We are experts on packing and unpacking, allowing us to also transport your belongings and assets without putting them at the risk of breaking. However, if you are looking to pack and unpack a few things yourself due to their sensitive nature, we can customize our services to offer only partial packing and unpacking.

Storage Facilities
In certain scenarios, we may need to store your belongings during long distances moves. Efficient Glendale Movers has numerous secure storage facilities spread throughout the state for these situations. The storage facilities are not only secure; they are insured as well.

Things to Know Before Hiring Efficient Glendale Movers

First Contact
When you call us to get a quote, we will go over the details of our services with you. We will then send one of our experts to you so that they can accurately evaluate the total cost billed to you.

If you are not happy with our quote or you simply cannot afford it, we are more than happy to discuss it further. You can negotiate the quote and ask the rate of each service individually if you want to make your own customized package.

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to know is that Efficient Glendale Movers is a fully insured company. Here are a few types of insurances that we offer:

1. Materials Insurance:
Your belongings are insured throughout the move. However, we know that some things are irreplaceable, so trust us to make sure that you do not need to claim this insurance.

2. Worker’s Insurance
Our moving crew is completely insured and we take extra care of their well-being. Therefore, trust them to deliver beyond your expectations.

3. Vehicle’s Insurance

Even trucks transporting your belongings are insured. We are professionals through and through.
Give us a call at (818) 945-9099 to learn all about our services.