Moving To-Do List

We take care of every aspect of the move, from packing your things to transporting them to your new destination and all the way to placing them according to your instructions. However, there are a few things you need to do in order to make relocating easier for both of us. The following is a comprehensive checklist that will keep you on track before, during and after the move.

Before the Move
● Create a special folder to store all the receipts of the moving services as well as other important information related to your upcoming move.
● Research your new community (if applicable).
● For residential moves, prepare for your move by asking for doctor referrals in your new destination, arranging for transferring school and medical records, and getting new insurance.
● Cancel any memberships or subscriptions if they cannot be transferred.
● Decide whether you will transfer valuables in person or move them through certified mail.
● Begin getting rid of unnecessary things by donating, discarding, or selling them.
● Consume items that cannot be moved, such as frozen edibles and cleaning materials.
● If you plan on packing everything on your own, order boxes and moving supplies. You can begin packing the things you will not use often around five weeks before your move.
● Make sure to label the boxes properly, stating their content and which room/area they are destined for.
● Contact the Postal Service to inform them about the change in your address. You can also choose to let them hold your mail at the post office at your new location if it is not in the same city.
● Contact Efficient Glendale Movers to confirm the date of your move and reserve its services.
● Notify the utility services at both your old and new locations.
● Confirm any travel arrangements you made for yourself, family, or pets.
● Review your moving plans one week before relocating your home, store, or business. Start sharing your new address and phone number with those who will need it.
● Make sure to clean the destination so that you can move in easily.
On the Moving Day
● While we are experts in packing and loading, we welcome you to personally supervise our crew to ensure that your belongings/assets/equipment are safely stowed away.
● As the crew loads your things, check every room and closet to ensure that nothing is left behind.
● For residential moves, leave a note with the new address for future residents to get in touch with you if necessary.

After the Move
● Arrange for the boxes and furniture/equipment to be placed according to where they should go.
● Place all the documents related to the move in an easy-to-remember location for future reference.
● Get new subscriptions if necessary.
● Prepare to open your business or enjoy your new home.

Abiding by these general rules will make relocating easy. However, if you have unique needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away. Call us at (818) 945-9099 and we will guide you on preparing for your move, be it a residential move, commercial move, or industrial move.